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Fusion Lending
Contact Fusion Lending directly for pre-approvals, refinancing, and general questions regarding residential, & commercial mortgages.  They do reverse mortgages too!
Great Appraisal
Check out our sister appraisal company's website for more appraisal information.
If you are looking for finished painting, check out this site.
Marflax Construction
Our friends at Marflax can help you with your custom construction needs.
Michigan Property Tax Estimator
Use this link to get taxes based on the current millage rates for any residential property in Michigan.
Showing your home?
Vanilla & Spice
Light a mildly fragranced candle in the house before the realtor gets there.  It will burn up any odor and make the space seem more cozy.
Closet Inspection
Make your closets seems larger and functional by moving over stuffed items out of there.  Empty and crammed closets appear much smaller.
Does your Ajustable Rate Mortgage have your head spinning?
When do I adjust?
If you need information on your next adjustment call Fusion and they can help determine when and how much your rate will adjust.
How much should I pay on my Interet Only Loan?
We can help you determine a financial plan to reach your mortgage goals.