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Services Offered

Listing Services and Property Representation
Our listing services include representation of property in all local real estate boards.  The fee is 6% commission, 3% to each the listing and selling agents.  HomeGeeks promises quick scheduling of showings, detailed follow-up, and frequent revisits to the listing to make sure that it's up-to-date and reflective of the property.  We also will keep in frequent contact with the seller when offers are made so we can negotiate sales efficiently.  Active listings include bi-weekly inspections checking for damage and theft.  We offer listing services in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb counties.
6% fee-3% to each agent
Real Estate Management
Our real estate management services are tailored for mortgage holders.  We understand that it's difficult to determine the condition of a property that may be across the country from your offices.  HomeGeeks offers a real estate management package that include key pieces to give the seller a clear picture of their assets.  Our package includes an appraisal, property inspections, and repair assessment for $500.  The appraisal is a full URAR mortgage appraisal to determine current market value completed by our experienced appraisal staff.  Inspections will include an initial physical inspection report and additional inspection every 14 days for 3 months.  These follow-up inspections will allow you to keep track of your properties, updating damage and theft status every 2 weeks.  Additional bi-weekly inspections are $50 each.   In addition to the appraisal and inspections, we will, upon approval from the property owner, arrange and supervise emergency repairs, home condition inspection, winterization, lawn maintenance, snow removal, and home maintenance. (See our REO Maintenance section for more details.)  When the home is ready to go on the market we will multi-list the property.  Active listings include bi-weekly inspections.  We offer services in Oakland, Wayne, & Macomb counties.
$500 fee
HomeGeeks offers a wide array of residential and commercial appraisal services.  Our appraisal staff is very experienced with our head appraisers in the business for over 30 years.  All "as is" appraisals include the inspection for repairs.  We offer appraisal services in Oakland, Wayne, Macomb, Livingston, Washtenaw, Lapeer, Genesee, and St. Clair counties.
"As is" appraisal less than $500,000...........$350
"As is" appraisal $500,000 or greater..........$500
"Subject to" completion appraisal.................$350
inspection for repairs.......$125
Home Inspection Report with photos...........$300
Commercial Appraisals............................by quote
Real estate maintenance is done on homes on a quoted basis.  After an inspection or by request of the homeowner, HomeGeeks will conduct or arrange for services to be completed.  All projects are supervised with a reasonable price range agreed upon beforehand.  Services incude winterization, lawn & landscaping services, snow removal, plumbing, electrial, HVAC, roof, paint, drywall, cosmetic repairs, and emergency repairs.  We offer REO maintenance in Oakland, Wayne, & Macomb counties.
All maintenance services by quote.
Mortgage Referrals
Mortgages can be arranged for the buyer by Fusion Lending, a local experienced mortage brokerage.  Our brokerage referrals allow for an integrated sales approach facilitating quick closings.  Title services are arranged through the homeowners designated title company or HomeGeeks preferred title company.  Fusion Lendings offers mortgages in Michigan, Florida, Alaska, and Tennessee.
Servicing Oakland, Wayne, & Macomb counties.
Market Information
Listing your property?
HomeGeeks can help market your property with tricks-of-the-trade for your listing.
How long is my appraisal good for?
HomeGeeks can help you determine if your current appraisal is valid.
REO Information
HomeGeeks will keep a maintenance schedule for your REO assets.
Lawn care and landscaping
Avoid the fees incurred by letting homes become overgrown.  Let HomeGeeks take care of the lawn.