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REO Maintenance

 REO Maintenance
HomeGeeks REO maintenance program is extremely versatile which allows us to tailor it to specific needs.  This product is best paired with our Real Estate Management program, but can also be utilized on it's own.  All maintenance and repair projects are approved by the homeowner ahead of time.  HomeGeeks will either complete or oversee all repairs and report the results to the homeowner.  Below you will find a list of services offered.  If you don't find what you're looking for, contact us and inquire about your problem, there is a good chance we can take care of your needs.
If your home is in need we can provide expert, timely, cost effective services. Roof, window, HVAC, plumbing, painting, wet basements, rotor rooting, and general repairs.
Winterization Services
Home Plumbing- including kitchens, baths, laundry, utilitie sinks, & drains. 
Home Heating Systems-depending on the case, turn off the heat, winterize water-based systems, or setup a low tempurature setting with monitoring service and notification if temperature falls within the structure.
Air Conditioning-Proper shutdown of system and protection of outside unit.
Landscaping Winterization- Fall clean up and protection of landscaping.
  Dock removal and other winterization for lakefront properties.
Snow Removal
Regular snow plowing or shoveling to meet city ordinance requirements or to maintain the general appearance of the home.
Spot Snow Removal if home is being shown.
Front walk and porch salting.  Prevent ice build-up and slipping for potential homebuyers.
Lawn/Landscaping Services
Regular services to meet city ordinance requirements.
Spot lawncare if home is being shown.
Landscaping services including cutting, removal, replacement, or planting.
Spring Openings
Turning on winterized systems to be sure they work.
Updating sprinkling system & temperature settings per homeowner.
Checking for damage incurred during winter months.
Roter rooting this time of year is great for homes in older neighborhoods.
Emergency Repairs
Homegeeks provides all required emergency services from repair of heating and water systems to roof and glass repair.  Structural problems can also be addressed. 
Cosmetic Services
A clean attractive structure enhances the owners value in the property.  Any hint of deteriorating conditions withing a neighborhood or home it self will increase the marketing time and decrease the sales price.  We can prvide ongoing general services that will maintain the condition of the property and increase the likelihood of a faster sale.
From painting, drywall repair, staining, carpet cleaning, to updated kitchen and bath.
Deck repair and staining, new or repainted siding, garage door, and patio.